Play Backgammon NJ for Android on your phone or tablet against a world-class, neural network-based, artificial intelligence that will challenge even expert players. Or play against another person in 2-player mode on a single device. View for: phone, tablet

View highlighted checker movement options. Move checkers with an easy, tap-to-move interface. Learn as you play with Hint, Undo, Status Meter, Tutor Mode, and Pip Count. View for: phone, tablet

View match info: GnuBG ID, win chances, equity, top 10 moves, & cube decisions
View statistics such as Win/Loss, Points per Game, Elo rating, and Checker Play / Cube Skill Percentage & ER. E-mail match files for your last 20 matches.

In-app purchase features: Analyze past match files, view moves & errors for entire match, step through match, jump to position, play from position
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Backgammon NJ does not cheat, read more.

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Customize your game. Play Standard Backgammon or Nackgammon. Select skill level and match length. Reverse the board direction. Use the Jacoby rule. Play with a doubling cube for a harder challenge.