Play Backgammon NJ for Android on your phone or tablet against a world-class, neural network-based, artificial intelligence that will challenge even expert players. Or play against another person in 2-player mode on a single device. Play real-time online matches against a friend or random player using Google Play Games.* View for: phone, tablet

View highlighted checker movement options. Move checkers with an easy, tap-to-move interface. Learn as you play with Hint, Undo, Status Meter, Tutor Mode, and Pip Count. View for: phone, tablet

View match info: GnuBG ID, win chances, equity, top 10 moves, & cube decisions
View statistics such as Win/Loss, Points per Game, Elo rating, and Checker Play / Cube Skill Percentage & ER. View the Elo rating leaderboard for your online matches. E-mail match files for your last 20 matches.

In-app purchase features: Analyze past match files, view moves & errors for entire match, step through match, jump to position, play from position
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Backgammon NJ does not cheat, read more.

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* Google Play Games is not available on the Kindle Fire.
Customize your game. Play Standard Backgammon or Nackgammon. Select skill level and match length. Reverse the board direction. Use the Jacoby rule. Play with a doubling cube for a harder challenge.